School: 6 550$

Sloop: 7 950$

Sport: 9 650$

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The sailingmarket has been waiting for this plastic Catamaran. The Playcat was designed by Melvin & Morelli and is perfectly suitable for beginners, sailing schools and holiday renting businesses because it is tough, strong and simple. However it sails like a proper Catamaran, something unique in plastic boats. The Playcat is as well the perfect craft to bring with you on family holidays.

The hulls are made of moulded Polyethylene with extra thickness on the skegs to give the boat long life on the beach. The Playcat is light and can be easily handled

on a beach trolley. Beams are smoothly moulded into the hulls so that all sharp edges are removed. A single boomless mainsail made of long lasting monofilm gives control through the mainsheet and the traveller for all points of sailing.

You only have to raise the mainsail, hook on the main blocks and you are away!

On the one hand sailing schools and holiday resorts still want a boat that sails like a Catamaran. But on the other hand they want freedom from worry, low repair bills and clients returning day after day for another sail! That is exactly what they will get

with the Playcat. Just wash it down with fresh water every evening and the Playcat will be ready the next day again, ready to work for you. Therefore the Playcat is the best investment a sailingschool can have!

Moreover, for a family the Playcat offers sailing for a serious lower price than it has to pay for “glass” hulls. The plastic hulls are there to do a job and the Playcat does it very well. Plastic hulls are not better than “glass” they are just different!

The Playcat can be seen in clubs and resorts all over the world. Just go out there and have fun.

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nacra 460
NACRA 460 range

The 460 range consists of the Nacra 460 Fun, School and Sport. Like other Nacra catamarans, the design team have given sailors simplicity, quality and performance in one small catamaran.

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nacra 500 range

The Nacra 500 is for those who want simplicity and performance , the large buoyant hulls enables you to drive her across the waves in ease in most conditions.

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nacra 570 range

Sailors work hard all week, at the weekend they want to sail!! Simple and fast !! The 570 Sport takes skeg hulls to another level. This boat is powerful and fast.

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nacra 580 range
NACRA 580 range

You don’t have to spend much time looking at the lines of the 580 Sport and you realise just what this catamaran will do for you. Rig it and then you can go cruising or racing, with two or three of you, providing the perfect platform.

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nacra 16

F16 Class developments NACRA Sailing international has been following the development of the F16 class meticulously. Mainly consisting of homemade boats at first, but now maturing as the F16 class received the ISAF status “recognized class” at the end of 2010.

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nacra 17
NACRA 17 (Olympic Multihull)

The NACRA 17 is the exclusive Olympic catamaran running up towards the Olympic Games. Sailed in ISAF World Cups, World Championships and other continental events over the world.

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nacra 18

When you receive your Nacra Infusion, you will have the best F18 out of the box, you put her together and go racing!! You don’t spend hours sanding and cleaning, SHE IS READY. Simple as that!

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nacra 20

Nacra F20 Carbon NACRA took all the best features and characteristics of our current F18 Infusion, which has won the last two F18 Worlds, and applied it to the new boat, as an example: the rudder system, mast extrusion, beams and some other small bits and pieces, this way…

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